With its majestic clock tower rising above, the Dearborn Station is both the symbolic and geographic hub of development in Chicago's South Loop Area.

Pardon Me Boys...

Imagine trains called the Super Chief and the El Capitan carrying celebrities to and from Hollywood, and arriving almost daily in our very own Dearborn Street Train Station! It happened. Between 1920 and throughout the 1949, the Sante Fe Railway ran trains from the Station as a primary departure point for long-distance travelers to Southern California and the Southwest, as well as other locations around the country. Other railways using the Station included the Erie Railroad, the Grand Trunk Railroad and the Wabash Railroad.

The Station, originally completed in 1885, with its 12 story Romanesque clock tower sets off the southern view of Dearborn Street and can be seen from many blocks away. Its walls, hand made of red pressed brick and pink granite gave it a functional, strong personality-built during a time when U.S. railroads were powerful and sought to confirm their economic might by creating structures in the neo-classic style.

In 1971, passenger service left the Station, and after years of neglect, it began a new life in mid-1980 as a commercial office/retail center, helping to revitalize Printers Row District of Chicago. It remains one of the oldest railroad stations in the United States and is the last remaining early downtown train station in Chicago.

by Valerie Felice Cameo

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